Andrew Jackon Has Got To Go

Here’s my favorite learning project from this week: A group of homeschool kids in New England have started a petition to have Andrew Jackson’s picture taken off the $20 bill.

This is what the kids have to say:

Although Andrew Jackson was a war hero, a champion of the common man, and a popular president, his shameful treatment of slaves and Native Americans should disqualify him from being on the $20 bill.

While leading troops against Native Americans, Jackson favored killing women and children after massacres to eliminate future threats. As a prosperous slave owner, he sympathized with those who wanted tribal land for cotton production. As President, he passed the Indian Removal Act and initiated the forced removal we now call the Trail of Tears. When the Supreme Court sided with the Cherokee, Jackson became the only president to openly defy a Supreme Court ruling.

Even by the standards of his time, he was vindictive and dishonorable. Certainly, we can find a better role model than Jackson!


Go ahead and check their facts:

Agree that Andrew Jackson has to to go? Sign the petition today! The kids have until June 15 to gather 100,000 signatures before President Obama is required to respond to their petition.

What do you think? Did the kids do their homework?
Does Andrew Jackson really have to go?

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4 thoughts on “Andrew Jackon Has Got To Go

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your Andrew Jackson has got to go! piece. I’m one of the parents – I love the way you made it into a case for homeschooling. Or at least a defense of homeschooling. They sure did learn – and are still learning. A friend of one of the children’s parents is a peace educator and he is filling in some telling details about Jackson’s childhood. It is interesting because when we know the “where” he comes from we better understand -though never condone- the “why” he was who he was.

    And thanks for spreading the petition!


  2. Thanks for sharing this. The kids are so excited to see their petition out there! 99,000 signatures to go!

    • You’re very welcome, Tara. The kids did a great job with the video. I really hope they get the signatures they need!

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