Election Day

U.S. Presidential Election

Schoolhouse Rock: Electoral College

Explore the U.S. Presidential Elections

  1. Presidential – Election Day Logic Puzzles
    Ages 10-14. Set the stage for exploring the history of US Presidential elections and inaugurations with five table logic puzzles. These brainteasers blend critical thinking skills with your government studies.
    The Teacher Notes let you know what facts kids should be familiar with before they start – like FDR was the only President to be elected four times. From there, kids use deducive reasoning to learn fun new Presidential facts.
  2. Ben’s Guide to Electing the President
    Ages 9-12. Find out more about the electoral process from a totally non-partisan point of view. This link is very text “heavy”, but it’s excellent information written for kids and published by the federal government.
  3. BBC’s Election Guide on Presidential Key Issues
    Ages 10+. You can get any more non-partisan than this – an election guide published in Great Britain. Find out Obama and Romney’s positions on nine key issues.

  4. Library of Congress: Elections in America

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    Library of Congress: Elections in America
    Ages 10-14. Explore the history of Presidential elections in America by delving into Candidates, Voters, Party System, Election Process, and the Issues. Your study comes alive with loads of links to digitized primary sources and fun activities.
  5. 2012 Electoral College Map
    Ages 9-18. Download a free color Electoral College map from CNN. You can also download free lessons that explore the pros and cons of the electoral college system; activities that use the map; and how the Electoral College is connected to the Constitution.
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    CNN Special Offers

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