Whether you have an IQ number to “prove it” or not, you know if your child learns a little deeper – a little different – a little more than most kids their age. Here, you’ll find information (much of it research-based) on gifted kids and the social-emotional side of learning.

  • Retiring Special Friends
    “As parents, we strive to nurture our children into confident people who can find their comfortable niche in society. It can be painful to let our kids make decisions – like carrying a stuffed animal around in public – that may ultimately lead to teasing. (Or, is it the disapproving looks from other parents we fear?) . . .”
  • Calling In Well
    “When you’re 7-years old, you’re not really missing out on much when you play hooky. But, what about high school? Can you really miss days just because, well… you don’t want to go? . . .”
  • Early Reading Myth #2: When Your Gifted Child Doesn’t Read Before Kindergarten
    “A number of other reasons can account for why an otherwise brilliant child may not be reading before the age of 5. The following checklist may help parents tease apart if non-early reading is part of their child’s normal developmental path. . .”
  • The Early Reading Myth and Gifted Achievement
    “Some parents of gifted children who begin to notice less stellar reading achievement abilities start to get nervous. Does my child have dyslexia? Is my kid no longer gifted? My initial answer to most parents is: No. More than likely, nothing is wrong with your child. . .”
  • Garden of Your Mind – Or, the Power of Play in Childhood
    “As those very words escaped my mouth, “You don’t have time to play”, I knew I was doing something wrong as a parent. . .”
  • Alphametic Logic Puzzles
    “Alphametics are a type of verbal arithmetic brainteaser. They look easy to solve, but they can prove to be a real head scratcher . . .”
  • There Be Dragons
    “I’ve had my share of tough homeschooling requests – like a certain 10-year old who wanted to build a working model of a jet propulsion engine. He had just read The Radioactive Boy Scout and was inspired by the teenager who built a nuclear reactor in his garden shed. (This is a true story.) My guy was inspired and this was, to him, just a natural extention of his current passion with aeronautics. . .”
  • Not Letting Exams Decide Our Fate
    “Test us with tests but the finals are not final because they never prepare us for the bigger test, which is survival. . . “
  • Career Counseling and Teens
    “Just because a person is good at something doesn’t mean a career in that field will be the right match. Considering that a person spends the majority of their waking hours either at work or preparing and commuting to work, it would be a shame if they hated what they did for work. . .”

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