Is It Working?

Letting go of the notion of traditional schooling takes a leap of faith. Great things can happen when you believe in yourself and your child’s ability to forge an authentic path in life. Still, a parent’s intuition that something might not be working quite right is always worth heeding. It may be nothing. It may be a quirk in the way your child learns. Or, it may be a special need that requires a different approach.

  • The Fallacy of Grade Equivalent Scores
    “Grade Equivalent scores remain one of the most misunderstood and misused pieces of data from educational testing. Rarely explained in a test report, parents who see “GE > 18.0″ sometimes come away thinking their child is achieving at a post-graduate school level. . .”
  • The Early Reading Myth and Gifted Achievement
    “Some parents of gifted children who begin to notice less stellar reading achievement abilities start to get nervous. Does my child have dyslexia? Is my kid no longer gifted? My initial answer to most parents is: No. More than likely, nothing is wrong with your child. . .”
  • 9 Picks for Kids Who Fear Algebra
    “Whatever the cause, bad math attitudes and avoidance from younger years can set the stage for endless battles when it comes time for learning algebra – especially if you’re trying to use a textbook like Saxon Math. Have no fear, we’ve found some great books that will make learning algebra easier – maybe even downright enjoyable! . . .”
  • Going Deep Within – and then dancing like no one is watching
    “Yet, something about that motion – that power to suspend my reality, even if just for 45 minutes so I could play hopscotch or swim laps, and control every motion with the one goal of just moving me forward – something about that motion allows me to change my perspective in how I view my problems. . .”

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