Live, Learn

All kinds of names can describe it: Unschooling. Free-range learning. Community-based learning. Experiential learning. It’s what happens when you leave the textbooks on the bookshelf and open yourself up to the wondrous world around you.

  • Playing With Words
    “We have a fancy word to describe the skill for learning about the sounds that make up the English language: Phonological Awareness. It might sound intimidating, but Phonological Awareness is about learning to identify syllables (clapping out the word al-pha-bet); rhyming words; playing alliteration games (Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers); and eventually learning to manipulate individual sounds within words. . .”
  • 25 Free (or almost free) Things to do This Summer That Get You & the Kids Out of the House – 2014
    “You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on summer camps to keep your kids busy. Check out these great activities sponsored by national chain stores and businesses.. . .”
  • Rekindle Learning: Butterflies
    “Here’s some Do’s and Don’ts for raising caterpillars successfully inside your home. . .”
  • Scholastic News Kid Reporter Writing Opportunity
    “Scholastic News is recruiting up to 20 Kid Reporters. Students between the ages of 10-14 will write for Scholastic’s online Kid News website and print magazines that are distributed to classrooms across the country. . .”
  • Andrew Jackson Has Got To Go
    “Here’s my favorite learning project from this week: A group of homeschool kids in New England have started a petition to have Andrew Jackson’s picture taken off the $20 bill. . .”
  • Hands-On Electoral Process
    “Seventeen-year old Saira Blair decided to take civics learning into her own hands. With the help of friends and family, Saira put together a campaign and won the 2014 Republican primary against a 2-term incumbent. . .”
  • Discovery of Columbus’ Santa Maria
    “Underwater archaeologists have been searching for the wreckage of the Santa Maria for many years. Reading through Columbus’ journal, they’ve been rather certain that the ship’s remains would be found off the coast of Haiti. And that’s just what they discovered! . . .”
  • Video Games
    “When I consider video games of today, I get the appeal. The sophistication of the graphics and the storylines blow me away. But, the shear number of hours that a kid can play every day troubles me. So, I love when I stumble upon inspiring ideas, like what Terry Heick shares with using video games to teach with. . .”
  • Rekindle Learning: Snowballs and Science
    “To take a snow day or to sludge through a day of homeschooling when all the neighbor kids are outside playing? That’s the question being tossed around on a facebook group I belong to. . .”
  • National Mythology Exam
    “Hosted by the Excellence Through the Classics, NME is a gentle way to introduce kids into the dynamic world of mythology. It’s not just about studying literature or Ancient Greece. It’s a cultural literacy lesson that brings our daily lives into focus. . .”
  • Thanksgiving
    Free and low-cost ways to learn about Thanksgiving.
  • Election Day
    Free and low-cost ways to learn about the electoral process
  • Alphametic Logic Puzzles
    “Alphametics are a type of verbal arithmetic brainteaser. They look easy to solve, but they can prove to be a real head scratcher . . .”
  • Nobel Peace Prize and the EU
    Some facts about the Nobel Peace Prize and the 2012 winner.
  • Boston Marathon
    Free and low-cost ways to learn about the Boston Marathon. NOTE: This blog post was written before the tragic massacre and does not include information about that event.
  • Star Wars
    Free and low-cost ways to harness a passion for Star Wars into weeks long learning.

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