Here’s a collection of my posts thinking out loud about parenting, family life, and what it’s all about.

  • Retiring Special Friends
    “As parents, we strive to nurture our children into confident people who can find their comfortable niche in society. It can be painful to let our kids make decisions – like carrying a stuffed animal around in public – that may ultimately lead to teasing. (Or, is it the disapproving looks from other parents we fear?) . . .”
  • Calling In Well
    “When you’re 7-years old, you’re not really missing out on much when you play hooky. But, what about high school? Can you really miss days just because, well… you don’t want to go? . . .”
  • Bullet Proof Play Mats
    “American schools have suffered, on average, a weekly shooting Every.Single.Week since the Newtown CT tragedy in December 2012. . . Rather than implement more sensible gun safety laws, instead we’re seeing a whole new marketing line being rolled out to address this serious public safety concern. . .”
  • Power of Choosing Motherhood
    “Regardless of whether or not we have an alphabet soup of letters that come after our name, representing years of your own post-secondary education, most of us are reduced to being seen as “Janey’s mom” and not much more. . .”
  • Best Mom in the World? No, Thanks.
    “Part of my avoidance with the Mother’s Day stems from a dirty little secret that I’ve carried for years. You see, while I love my kids dearly, I’ve lived through days when I wished I wasn’t a mom. . .”
  • Going Deep Within – and then dancing like no one is watching
    “Yet, something about that motion – that power to suspend my reality, even if just for 45 minutes so I could play hopscotch or swim laps, and control every motion with the one goal of just moving me forward – something about that motion allows me to change my perspective in how I view my problems. . .”
  • There Be Dragons
    “I’ve had my share of tough homeschooling requests – like a certain 10-year old who wanted to build a working model of a jet propulsion engine. He had just read The Radioactive Boy Scout and was inspired by the teenager who built a nuclear reactor in his garden shed. (This is a true story.) My guy was inspired and this was, to him, just a natural extention of his current passion with aeronautics. . .”

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