Scholastic News Kid Reporter Writing Opportunity

Some kids love to write. If you’ve got a budding journalist on your hands, then this opportunity is just for you!

Scholastic News is recruiting up to 20 Kid Reporters. Students between the ages of 10-14 will write for Scholastic’s online Kid News website and print magazines that are distributed to classrooms across the country.

Interested? Find the full application online. Applications MUST be postmarked no later than September 26, 2014 AND they must be sent via postal mail.

The application must include:

  1. 400-word news article that uses at least 2 quotes from interviews the Kid Reporter conducted. The artilce must feature a person or organization that does good in the community.
  2. 250-word essay on why they want to be a Kid Reporter.
  3. 2 story ideas about they community they live in that they would be willing to write about.
  4. Some biographical information and a picture.
  5. Release form

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