Them kiddos sure do grow up fast. Our approach to homeschooling may have to change if the idea of college is in their future, but our underlying principles don’t!

  • Calling In Well
    “When you’re 7-years old, you’re not really missing out on much when you play hooky. But, what about high school? Can you really miss days just because, well… you don’t want to go? . . .”
  • 9 Picks for Kids Who Fear Algebra
    “Whatever the cause, bad math attitudes and avoidance from younger years can set the stage for endless battles when it comes time for learning algebra – especially if you’re trying to use a textbook like Saxon Math. Have no fear, we’ve found some great books that will make learning algebra easier – maybe even downright enjoyable! . . .”
  • How to Calculate a GPA
    “Even when you take a non-traditional path to education, you are sometimes required to grade your kid’s performance. You might find yourself giving grades on a transcript to meet a state requirement – help your teen enlist in the military – or, to open the door to college. . .”
  • Career Counseling and Teens
    “Just because a person is good at something doesn’t mean a career in that field will be the right match. Considering that a person spends the majority of their waking hours either at work or preparing and commuting to work, it would be a shame if they hated what they did for work. . .”
  • Not Letting Exams Decide Our Fate
    “Test us with tests but the finals are not final because they never prepare us for the bigger test, which is survival. . . “
  • K12 NCAA Eligibility Problems
    “The NCAA recently announced that 24 specific K12 cyberschools will no longer be eligible for initial eligibility certification that would allow them to play Division 1 or 2 sports in college. . .”

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